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Based on the foundation of the American International College (AIC), the founders established the American International University (AIU) as a private,  independent, higher education institution.  AIU aims to enrich the intellectual, scientific, and cultural life of the Kuwaiti society, meet the needs of the professional labor market in the business and technological and scientific fields, participate in the development of society, address relevant problems through scientific research, develop human caliber, provide scientific advice, and present needed care for professional and technical manpower.

Founded and led by an experienced team of American educators, we empower our students to become creators, not just consumers. Our academic programs lead to degrees that create pathways to success.

University Disclaimer 

AIU reserves the right to make changes to the catalog without prior notice to programs, course offerings, academic requirements, and policies should the need arise. 

AIU students are individually responsible for reading, understanding, and complying with all requirements and regulations. Failure to read, understand, and/or comply does not exempt students from requirements or regulations set by the University.

 - Office of Academic Affairs



Undergraduate Dual Degree Policy

A dual degree program is one in which the student works towards satisfying the academic requirements for two distinct degree types in an integrated fashion.  Students may apply the same coursework towards the fulfillment of the requirements for both degrees.  To achieve the academic depth and breadth implied by a program of study that results in the awarding of two undergraduate degrees, a dual degree program consists of substantial additional coursework; namely, a minimum of 30 additional semester hours beyond the credit hours required for the degree program comprised of the smaller number of credits.  Students who successfully complete a dual degree program receive two diplomas, one for each degree earned.


Undergraduate Dual Degree Policy

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