How Can the Career Services & Student Employment Help Students?

The Career Services & Student Employment Center exists to ease you through the transition from student to working professional. We help find what profession and company fits you best. Starting as early as your first year, the Career Center provides resources to help you develop a strategic plan for locating internships, on-campus student employment, or exploring career options. 

Our goal is to assist students in integrating their university education with their career aspirations. In addition, the office engages students as active participants in their career development with workshops on interviewing, resume building, and professionalism in the workplace. Finally, we facilitate the connection between students and local business partners to provide opportunities to explore and interact with professionals in various career fields.

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Location: Building B, 2nd Floor, Suites 203-205


Work on Campus!

Student employment with one of the AIU departments will provide you with real-life job experience, are paid, and are convenient as you already are on campus for classes. Current departments that are accepting student workers are: 

Explore Career Services Workshops

Resume and Cover Letters

The purpose of the resume and cover letter is to secure an interview. Learn how to format your AIU-approved professional and unique resume that will get you in the door.

Interviewing Skills

Interviewing is a necessary skill for the job market. Students will learn types of interviews and techniques on how to make a good impression.

How to Maintain your Internship/Job Position

Learn how to become an effective employee and retain your position for years to come, as well as how to get recognized and promoted.

Professionalism and Work Ethic 

The ability to commit to a high standard for your work, be a self-starter, work independently to develop new ideas and complete tasks and consistently maintain a positive outlook.


Internships allow students real-world job experience that is useful before entering the workforce. In addition to experience, internships allow students to grow their network.

Student Employment

Like many students, you may need to work during your time at AIU. There are various on-campus opportunities that offer real-world experience. Visit the Student Employment office to explore on-campus student careers. 

Resume Resources

During your time at AIU, you will participate in various activities that will help you build your resume. Let Career Services & Student Employment help you craft this resume in a marketable way to future employers.

What Can I Do?

What skills do you have, and how will they help you in a professional setting? Do these skills align with your intended major? Career Services & Student Employment can help provide a few resources to answer these questions.

Career Readiness Workshops

We encourage our faculty and staff to make Career Services & Student Employment known to their students. Professors are encouraged to welcome a Career Services Coordinator to their classroom to share readiness tips and tricks.

Online Resources

Big Interview is a free online tool that combines training and practice to help improve your interview technique and build your confidence. 

Big Interview

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