Student Code of Conduct and Student Handbook

The mission of the Office of Student Conduct is to promote the mutual responsibility of members of the AIU community to uphold the Student Code of Conduct and the AIU Student Handbook policies. The office coordinates the student conduct system, including administering the formal disciplinary processes and the informal resolution of concerns. The office strives to resolve cases of alleged misconduct in a fair, responsible, and timely manner emphasizing AIU's core values of respect, trust, and integrity. Through both policies and practices, the office seeks to foster student development and learning. It plays a primary role in educating and training students, faculty, and staff about their shared responsibility to maintain community standards. For more information regarding the AIU student policies, please visit the Office of Student Conduct.



AIU Student Incident Reporting Forms

AIU community members are encouraged to use the listed reporting forms to report any behaviors of concern involving AIU students, whether these behaviors occur inside or outside the classroom setting. Please note that anonymously submitted forms may limit or delay the investigation process.

Non-Academic Misconduct Report Form     

Academic Misconduct Report Form

Misconduct Sanction Appeals Form

Extenuating Circumstances Request Form

Making Appointments 

Faculty, staff, students, and other members of the AIU community are encouraged to consult with the office as needed. To set up an appointment:

Ms. Alexis Rucker

Assistant Director of Student Safety and Well-Being 

Building A - West Wing, G14.


Ms. Hasnaa Elgndey

Senior Student Conduct Officer

Student Services Building - 3rd floor, B-308 


Ms. Lina Shehada

Student Conduct Officer

Student Services Building - 3rd floor, B-308 


Mr. Abdulrahman Mohammad 

Student Conduct Officer

Student Services Building - 3rd floor, B-308 


Contact Us:

+965 22262500 ext. 3560/3264/3263

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