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Do I have to come to campus to fill out an admissions application in-person?

We understand that you may want to complete your application at home. You can apply for admission to AIU online by clicking on the Apply Now tab or you can download the application from here. Once the form is complete and signed, email a copy of it to admissions@aiu.edu.kw. along with copies of the required documents listed on the last page of the form. 

Our Admissions Office will then contact you regarding the next steps.



What is the admission process?

AIU's admissions process requires six steps:

1. Apply for Admission. The first step is to fill out our online application or book an appointment with an admissions specialist who will further assist you in your application (Call +965 22262500).  The application deadline for the Fall 2023 semester is August 23, 2023. If an applicant does not provide the official test scores of IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, or ACT,  he/she is required to take AIU's placement test as part of our admission process.

2. Attend New Student Orientation. New Student Orientation is required for all new students attending AIU. Once a student is admitted to AIU, he/she will be given information regarding new student orientation dates and details. During orientation, the student will meet with their assigned advisor to register for their classes. For more information about New Student Orientation, please visit the orientation webpage.

3. Pay Tuition and Fees. All outstanding tuition balances and fees need to be paid before the first day of classes. Please contact the Admissions Department for further information regarding tuition rates.

4. Receive Your Student Identification Card. Students may obtain a student ID card during New Student Orientation as he/she should have it before the first day of classes. For more information regarding AIU's student ID cards, please visit The Hub located in Building B - Ground Floor.

5. Buy Your Books and Supplies. Academic textbooks and other materials required for your classes are available at the AIU campus bookstore. The AIU campus bookstore also offers a range of school supplies to prepare you for your first day of classes. 

6. Start Your AIU Journey! Be sure to check your class schedule for the correct classrooms and timings. 

What degrees are offered?

AIU offers the following degrees:

The School of Architecture and Design offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts in the following majors:

  • Graphic Design 
  • Interior Design

The School of Business offers a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in the following majors:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Global Supply Chain Management
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship

The School of Engineering and Computing offers a Bachelor of Science in the following majors:

  • Biomedical Engineering (science only)
  • Civil Engineering (science only)
  • Computer Science (science only)
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering (science only)
  • Industrial Engineering (science only)
  • Mechanical Engineering (science only)
  • Chemical Engineering (science only)

The School of Education offers a Bachelor of Arts in the following majors:

  • Elementary Education - English 
  • Secondary Education - English 
  • Elementary Education - Mathematics (science only)
  • Secondary Education - Mathematics (science only)

The School of Arts and Sciences offers a Bachelor of Science in the following major:

  • Biotechnology (science only)

Who can apply to AIU?

Any student who has graduated from a nationally accredited High School and has obtained authentication (Kuwait Equivalency) from the Ministry of Education in Kuwait is welcome to apply. 


Can I apply to AIU before graduating High School?

Applicants may apply to AIU anytime during their last year of High School; however, official admission letters will be available after receiving the student's official high school transcript along with all required admission documents.

Visit our Admissions page to start an application, or visit our Admissions Department  on campus.

May I apply to AIU as a transfer student?

Yes, AIU is currently accepting transfer students in all our available degree programs. For more information regarding AIU's transfer students' requirements, please visit our Admissions Page or speak to one of our Admissions Specialists to learn more about AIU's transfer students' requirements.  

My English proficiency level is not high. Can I still apply to AIU?

AIU welcomes students from all levels of English proficiency. We understand English may not be your native language and may not have been the primary language of instruction at your secondary school. At AIU, we have developed a program with highly trained and dedicated faculty members to help prepare students for university-level academics through our English Foundations Program, where we offer courses that focus on developing students' English skills (reading, writing, grammar, phonetics, and communication) all through the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program modules.

We encourage you to apply to AIU to get an authentic American education.

Where are most students from?

The majority of AIU's current students are of Kuwaiti national, however, all students who are now residents of Kuwait are welcome to apply. 

How do I know if AIU is the right University for me?

Students who wish to receive an authentic American education based on America's higher education standards and experiences are encouraged to apply to AIU. Prospective students are welcome to book a campus tour, browse through our website to learn more about our degree programs, and/or book an appointment to speak with an Admissions Specialist to find out more about our university. If you are looking for the American experience, AIU is for you!


What are the requirements for IGCSE graduates?

If you have taken courses under the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) curriculum, AIU requires six (6) IGCSE scores, with a minimum grade no less than a “D” to be considered for admission to our university. Additionally, if you are seeking admission to any of our Science (STEM) majors, AIU requires that four (4) of your six (6) IGCSE scores must include Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics while maintaining a minimum grade no less than a "D".


How will my test be scored?

All our placement tests are scored automatically by the system with no manual interference. 

Which standardized/proficiency tests does AIU accept?

AIU accepts the following:

  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL iBT)
  • Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)
  • American College Testing (ACT)

For more information regarding AIU's minimum score requirements, please speak with an Admissions Specialist for details.

Can I apply to AIU without a standardized test?

Yes, you can apply to AIU without a standardized test, but you will be required to take AIU's placement tests as it is part of our admission process.

Do you accept the IELTS Indicator test?

  • Yes, AIU accepts official IELTS Indicator test scores as proof of your English proficiency with a minimum overall score no less than 6.5.

Do you accept the TOEFL iBT test?

Yes, AIU accepts official TOEFL iBT test scores as proof of your English proficiency with a minimum overall score of no less than 60.

What University placement tests do you offer?

At  AIU, we offer an English Placement Test (EPT) and a Math Placement Test (MPT) which measures an applicant's proficiency in both subjects.

The English Placement Test (EPT) is a computer-based, multiple-choice test that is provided by Accuplacer. Applicants will be taking the English as a second language (ESL) test. 

The Math Placement Test (MPT) is a computer-based, multiple-choice test administered in English that is also provided by Accuplacer.

If you are applying to any of our Science (STEM) majors, you are required to take the Advanced Algebra and Functions test, however, if you are applying to any of our non-STEM majors, you are required to take the Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra and Statistics (QRAS) test.


How can I prepare for the Placement tests?

You can find more details and practice questions regarding the Placement tests on AIU's Testing Page.

Can I still join AIU if I don't meet the placement test score requirements? 

Yes, if you do not meet AIU's minimum requirement in English and/or Math, you will be admitted into our development courses that are taken at AIU's Foundation Program.

I have submitted standardized/proficiency test scores. Can I still take AIU's placement tests?

Yes, you can always choose to take our English and/or Math placement tests. The higher score will be considered during admittance.

Can I retake the AIU placement tests?

Yes, you will be allowed two attempts at our university placement tests. In case you wish to retake the test after the first attempt, you will have to pay the retest fee.

The higher score will be considered during admittance. 

Can I take AIU's placement tests remotely at home?

No, all placement tests are conducted on campus at the Testing Center to ensure secure and reliable testing.


What campus activities and services does AIU offer its students?

When you are a student at AIU, you are not just earning a degree, you are participating in the full American education experience. In addition to academia, AIU prioritizes student engagement to help students build relationships with their peers and faculty to maximize their university experience through student involvement. There are many amenities on campus that support the AIU student with their educational, career, and leadership abilities.

Some of which are as follows:

AIU Student Amenities 

  • Multiple student lounges and study spaces throughout AIU's campus.
  • State-of-the-art computer labs.
  • Science labs with the best equipment. 
  • Fitness Centers (for male and female).
  • Outdoor football field and indoor basketball/volleyball court.
  • A campus game room with table tennis, billiards, and much more.
  • Student clubs (Speech and Debate, Drones, Volunteering, and Community Services, Chess, Music, and many more).
  • Tutoring Center for academic support outside of the classroom.
  • Writing Center to enhance your writing skills.
  • The Student Career Service Center for career support and Development.
  • A modern designed Library with access to books, research tools, computers, and study lounges.
  • The Campus Store to purchase class materials and AIU spirit gear.
  • The Student Center Food court with a variety of dining options for students and guests to grab coffee and/or a bite to eat.

Visit our Student Life Webpage to learn more.

Do you offer campus tours to visitors?

Yes! AIU offers campus tours to visitors by appointment only, to book an appointment please call +965 22262500. Booking a tour allows you to get a feel of the spaces and facilities AIU has to offer as well as visualize the campus through the eyes of a student.

Tours are given in both, English and Arabic, to individuals, families, and school groups. Campus tours normally last 45 minutes to an hour (depending on the size of the group) and are normally conducted by an admissions specialist between the hours of 9:00 am and 2:30 pm.

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Once you arrive on campus, you will become part of a community where students and faculty make the most of every moment.  An atmosphere where ideas, events, and exciting opportunities ensure a rich and satisfying university experience.


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