The AIU Institute for Private Training strives to bring innovative, engaging and productive short courses to people of all ages. Whether you are a high school student preparing for university admissions, an employee looking to upskill, or an organization seeking to provide training to your staff, our further education courses aim to provide the highest quality of teaching in Kuwait.

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Emotional Intelligence Course



Develop essential emotional intelligence skills

through our transformative course


Course duration: 3 days , 2PM - 3 PM

Course dates: May 21, 23, 25 - 2023

Location: AIU Campus


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Certified Presentation Skills



Master the art of impactful presentations with

our Certified Presentation Skills course.


Course duration: 3 days , 2PM - 3 PM

Course dates: May 14 , 16, & 18 - 2023

Location: AIU Campus


Registration closed

Research Proposal Writing



Elevate your research career with our comprehensive Research Proposal Writing course


Course duration: 3 days , 2PM - 3 PM

Course dates: May 28, 30 & June 1

Location: AIU Campus




Looking to upskill your employees or team?

Develop a custom program with us!


Custom Courses

Work with our team to develop courses that will provide in-depth knowledge of your desired subject matter to your trainees through a series of scheduled classes.

Custom Workshops

Strengthen your employees' foundational knowledge of specific topics with a custom workshop. Our workshops provide high-quality intensive training within a short period of time, allowing trainees to pick up skills efficiently.

Events & News

Summer Speaker Series

August 22, 25, 29

Frequently Asked Questions


Who do you provide training to?

We work with companies and organizations that are seeking to train their team members or employees in industry-specific skills.


What is the difference between a course and a workshop?

Workshops are intensive and condensed 1 - 2 day training educational programs that allow trainees to develop a foundational understanding of specific topics within a broader subject.

Courses are programs that allow trainees to dive deep into a subject matter through a series of scheduled classes. Trainees will gain in-depth knowledge and can apply the skills gained within their scope of work. 

How can I create a custom program?

  1. Complete the form on our website and we will reach out to you to get a better understanding of your needs. Alternatively, you can call us at 22262500 ext. 3112/3324.
  2. Fill out the Training Needs Assessment form that will be provided to you by our representative.
  3. Liaise with us, as we create a schedule, budget, and site selection.
  4. We will provide a complete program outline that includes details on the cirriculum, learning outcomes and profiles of our experienced instructors.

What are the benefits of creating a custom program?

  • On completion of a course, trainees will receive an AIU certificate of completion.
  • An opportunity to study with one of Kuwait's newest universities and be taught by experienced instructors and AIU Faculty.
  • Custom programs allow employers to selectively train their staff on key topics that will allow for growth within their teams.
  • We provide training on-site at company facilities, or at the AIU campus. 

For further information, please email

Dr. Kate O'Neill

August 25, 2022

Registration closed

Conflict: Dealing with Difficult People

Dr. Yasmine Hasnaoui

August 22, 2022

Registration closed

Communicating with Impact

Dr. Mazin Sirry

August 29, 2022

Registration closed

Biomechanics and its Impact on Scientific Research and the Medical Industry

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