Math Foundation Program

Math Foundation

The Math Foundation Programme (MFP) provides an opportunity for the students to develop their mathematics skills and start learning some university-level material, fully preparing them for university study before they progress onto their chosen major.

This program has been designed for those who may not meet the necessary entry requirements for direct entry onto one of our undergraduate programs.

Students will benefit from the in-house expertise of our internationally experienced faculty to ensure they are fully prepared for their future careers.

Through a student-centered learning environment, faculty assist students to achieve proficiency in logical thinking, problem-solving, and other basic mathematical skills needed to be successful in achieving their academic goals.

Your Path to Degree-Level Courses

Students who complete the Math Foundation Program can be directly admitted to their degree program courses without taking the placement test or providing standardized test results. Students who pass Level 2 within the MFP will meet the general Math proficiency requirement for admission to undergraduate programs at the American International University.


Upon completion of Level 1, students will be able to

  • Communicate using the appropriate mathematical vocabulary and notation.
  • Become competent with basic mathematical operations within real numbers.
  • Gain experiences that connect classroom learning with real-world mathematical applications using percentages, fractions, decimals, and graphs. 
  • Develop mathematical intuition and a relevant base of mathematical knowledge to use basic arithmetic and beginning algebra as problem-solving tools.

Upon completion of Level 2, students will be able to

  • Recognize various kinds of functions, analyze their behavior, and use the properties of these functions to solve equations.
  • Become competent in different techniques for solving equations (linear, quadratic, rational, and factorable equation).
  • Establish conceptual understanding and fluency with algebraic and transcendental functions, techniques, and manipulations necessary for success in undergraduate math.
  • Develop mathematical intuition and use arithmetic, geometric and trigonometric concepts as problem-solving tools.

The Math Foundation Program Outcomes

The Math Foundation Program curriculum is designed to increase the student’s mathematic competency. It will assist our students in being effectively prepared for their graduate program by engaging them in self-directed learning in order to achieve a range of outcomes.

There is a minimum standard that the students need to achieve to pass every level and it is measured by the combination of:

  1. Formative assessment to monitor the student's academic progress during a course.
  2. Summative assessments to measure the student mastery at the end of a course.


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