Film Production

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Ever wondered what happens on the other side of the movie screen? Learn from the experts the art and craft of cinema in a vibrant industry environment. Design and develop film projects guided by a team of exceptional mentors.

Be original, get inspired, live and breathe filmmaking.


The Film Studies Certificate Program is a hands-on filmmaking two-years-course designed to teach students the craft of filmmaking.

Students will work on set and in the labs hand in hand with a team of exceptional mentors. Applying an intense tailored project-based approach, students will devise, sketch, pitch in, and develop their unique film projects as they pursue a specialization.

Learning Outcomes

  • Acquire and apply professional practices and protocols in each discipline's department. 
  • Develop visual and textual narratives demonstrating effective use of storytelling techniques and film theory. 
  • Work through the pre-production, production, and post-production phases and complete short film projects successfully.
  • Plan and manage the use of resources, logistics, and equipment for short film projects. 
  • Employ theoretical knowledge to strengthen the audiovisual narrative of their film projects.

Program Structure

Film Production is a 2-year-long certificate program structured in four semesters. 

In year one, students will complete foundational to intermediate courses covering all key disciplines of filmmaking. 

In year two, they will apply for three specializations to complete their filmmaking formation. 


A modern computer lab equipped with powerful Mac computers running the latest in post-production software. 

State-of-the-art editing suites prepared to handle video & audio editing and color correction to a professional level. 

Studio space for hand-on training, video and audio shooting, and set design. 

Industry-standard equipment – students will work with professional cameras and gear to complete their course projects. 

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