English Foundation Program

English Foundation Program

The English Foundation Program is designed specifically to prepare non-native English speakers for all American International University (AIU) coursework.  The program is an important component of the AIU experience with the goal of improving students’ English proficiency in becoming accustomed to academic life in an American university setting in Kuwait. We use the latest language methodology incorporating the most up-to-date audio software and computer and listening labs ensuring students learn in a modern environment. Small classes, along with trained and experienced native English instructors, make it possible for students to improve their English skills rapidly and effectively in preparation for AIU courses.  

Direct Path to AIU

EFP graduates can be directly admitted to the American International University without taking standardized tests, such as TOEFL or IELTS. Students who pass Level 2 within the EFP will meet the general English language proficiency requirement for admission to undergraduate programs at the American International University.


Program Outcomes

The English Foundation Program offers two levels of English language program: Levels 1 and 2.

By the time of completion of Level 1, the following program outcomes are expected to be achieved:

  1. Help students successfully carry on short, sustained social conversation in English.
  2. Help students build upon basic grammatical understanding and to successfully write organized English paragraphs.
  3. Help students increase grammatical and syntactical accuracy in everyday spoken and written English language.
  4. Help students develop English reading strategies to aid in reading comprehension and to acquire high-frequency vocabulary.
  5. Help students develop effective, sustained English reading habits.

By the time of completion of Level 2, the following program outcomes are expected to be achieved:

  1. Help students develop academic listening and speaking English skills needed for successful extended academic discourse.
  2. Help students develop complex grammatical understanding and to successfully produce academic writing in English.
  3. Help students acquire academic vocabulary and comprehend a range of academic texts in English.
  4. Help students strengthen effective, sustained English reading habits.
  5. Help students strengthen the literacy skills needed to successfully navigate the tertiary research process.


The English Foundation Program Curriculum

The English Foundation program curriculum including the course description is prepared for each level. The goals, student learning outcomes, and course objectives for each course are available by level. Student learning outcomes describe what a student will be able to do at the end of a course. Course objectives address the course goals and are specific curricular elements taught through content and activities. Objectives are labeled as:

I - Introductory - Instruction does not assume previous student knowledge.

D - Developing - Instruction will deepen and extend current learner understanding.

M - Mastery - Instruction will deepen and extend current learner understanding and support learners striving to meet program outcomes, i.e., mastery for the purposes of collective curriculum.

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