AIU Campus Takes Shape

American International College Kuwait

It's Here!

Students looking to embark on an authentic American university experience in Kuwait will be pleased to learn of the newly constructed American International University campus, which officially opened its doors in fall of 2019.

Led by our American educated president, AIU will offer students a true American university experience in both curriculum and student life. Our focus is on helping shape an adaptable and forward-thinking workforce that can thrive in an increasingly global marketplace.

“When we began this journey, we knew our mission was to bring an authentic American experience to the future leaders of Kuwait. You can feel it the moment you walk through our doors”, says  AIU's founder.

American International College Kuwait

Design Elements that Reflect the Community

Aesthetically, the buildings offer wide and expansive spaces to encourage creative thinking and collaboration. The campus also incorporates thoughtful cultural elements from Kuwait to anchor students and faculty in a sense of community. The design team was directly inspired by a young group of Kuwaitis who planted 350,000 trees to help restore the natural landscape after decades of upheaval.

According to Olivia Ryan of NBBJ design, “The architectural base embodies attributes of these desert trees through the exploration of warmth, pattern, canopy, and dappled light.”

Ryan adds that the overall intention of the design was to create environments that promote creative thinking and informal collaboration. The result of these efforts is a campus that feels established and is firmly focused on the country's future leaders. 

At AIU, students will be able to pursue degree programs in our School of Architecture and Design, School of Business, and the School of Engineering and Computing.  A degree from AIU will serve a myriad of career and academic goals, from pursuing a job in Kuwait to continuing on and furthering their education. 

American International College Kuwait dining hall

A Modern, User-Friendly Campus

After five months of intense construction and detailed design, the AIU building in Kuwait has emerged as an aesthetically impressive and user-friendly campus that will serve students of multiple disciplines.

Boasting over 4,000 square meters, the Academic and Administrative building is equipped with 32 classrooms, 14 computer labs, and 13 specialty labs to serve students' academic needs. The building also offers numerous recreation and service areas, such as a library, study rooms, lounge areas, a dining hall, coffee shop, prayer rooms, and fitness rooms.

Students and faculty can also utilize advanced technology such as smart boards, wi-fi access throughout the building, and well-equipped computer and STEM labs. With completion of the AIU building and environs, students will have a modern arena for learning and interacting in the 21st century. 

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