So, I’ve Graduated from University… What do I do now?


You have done it!  You have graduated from university.  This is an immense accomplishment.  But, now what?  Many recent university graduates are asking this exact question.  What should I do now?  Here are some interesting ideas, remember learning never stops, those who are most successful are those who seek out lifelong learning opportunities.  

Learn from Travel 

This is the perfect time for you to travel.  Before you are bogged down with a 9 to 5 job, a family, and endless responsibilities, get out and see the world.  The benefits of travel are endless.  Research, planning, networking opportunities, exposure to culture, and learning to be empathetic are valuable skills that will help you to be successful in the future. Juggling timetables, being on time for trains and planes, and multi-tasking are all crucial career-building experiences. 

Become a Risk-Taker   

This is the time to take risks.  Taking a risk can be defined differently for each one of us.  Whether it be taking a low-paying job for the experience, going against the odds, diving into a career path you hadn’t planned for, moving to a new city, or conquering your fears, now is the prime time.  The discomfort you may feel will fade in time as you will be doing something you really want to do, not what you think you “should” do.  

Become an Intern 

Being an intern is not just about learning the industry or picking up specific skills.  Today, internships are all about networking.  Take the time to build relationships with everyone you meet.  Schedule meetings with those you interact with and sell yourself, because, at the end of the day, they are probably selling themselves, too.  Take the initiative, be motivated and positive, and see what doors open for you.    

Brand Yourself 

From all the years of scrolling on social media, use that experience to create your own online presence. Establish a personal brand on social platforms such as LinkedIn. Share, comment, and connect with other industry experts to grow your professional network. Developing skills will help you grow but developing a professional network will open doors to various opportunities. Share lessons you have learned in your experience that could be useful to your audience. Share your success stories, share the failures, and share the challenges and the opportunities. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Often, one simple conversation and lead to the biggest opportunity of your career.  

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