What can you do with a degree in Biotechnology? 


Most individuals would assume a career in biotechnology would entail wearing a lab coat and developing a life-changing drug. In modern days, however, there are numerous opportunities for biotechnology graduates to take advantage of spanning different fields. Before we get into that, let us take a quick look at some of the skills you would need to thrive in this career.  

  • A keen interest in nature and biology  
  • An eye for attention to detail 
  • The ability to work in both, individual and collaborative environments  
  • Excellent communication skills  
  • Advanced understanding and knowledge of Math 
  • The ability to utilize computer software efficiently for research  

If you think you possess these traits, you’re halfway there! Following a career path in biotechnology requires students to develop skills that enhance their analytical abilities. As for the type of jobs you can pursue, let’s look at a few: 


Biomedical Engineer 

Job Growth: 6% 

Biomedical engineers are responsible for the innovation and development of modern technology and medicine that improve human health. They often design new hardware and software used in the medical field that improves accuracy in medical studies, diagnosis, and treatments.  


Medical Scientist 

Job Growth: 17% 

Medical scientists design and conduct studies to investigate human diseases, and methods to prevent and treat them. Medical scientists conduct research aimed at improving overall human health. They often use clinical trials and other investigative methods to reach their findings. 

Process Development Scientist 

Job Growth: 3% 

Process development scientists oversee the manufacturing process in an organization. They ensure each step of the project is conducted in an efficient and cost-effective manner. They also develop methods to scale production while following standardized protocols.  


Business Development Manager  

Job Growth: 11% 

These managers are responsible for providing market analysis and intelligence that enable organizations to expand their operations. They also assist in partnering with other biotechnological companies that facilitate mutual benefit and boost their organizational growth.  


Job Growth: 5% 

Microbiologists conduct complex research and analysis to study viruses, bacteria, and other molecular organisms to create new solutions and innovate toward the development of medicines, diagnoses, and technologies.  

Aside from being a very lucrative career, a background in biotechnology enables individuals to take on professional challenges from a wide range of industries. If you think you have what it takes, now is the perfect time to gain a degree in Biotechnology. As new industries emerge and the need for innovation continues to grow, the biotechnology market is always on the lookout for talented individuals, and you just might be the one!  

If you are interested in pursuing a degree in Biotechnology, make sure to check out American International University’s Bachelor’s in Biotechnology program for more information.  

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