The Financial Reality of Education 


For many students beginning university for the first time, life can be filled with expectations.  One such expectation is that the university will supply all textbooks and materials needed to successfully complete the course.  The reality is however that more than likely, this will not be the case. 

Many students wonder what it is exactly they will do once in university.  The simple answer?  Read. Then read some more.  While attending university reading is basically your full-time job.  Therefore, students tend to think that their university will cover all of their textbook materials.  This is partly true because sometimes the academic library will have hard copies of textbooks, however, there are usually less than the number of students in the course, so if you would like one for free, that's probably not going to happen.

The hard reality is that going to university is expensive so, budget accordingly.  Think of it as going to a restaurant.  Simply ordering a cheeseburger is usually not enough.  One will want fries, a Coke, maybe a salad on the side, and, on a special occasion, a big slice of chocolate cake!  Think of your textbooks like fries, you can't get a burger without them.  Investing your time and money on a good education is an investment with an excellent return.  So, go ahead, order the fries. 


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