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Are you thinking of getting a degree in Business Administration - Accounting? 

Accounting is a discipline that plays a pivotal role in most organizations in Kuwait, and worldwide.  

Over the years, the accounting field has progressed beyond simply recording and analyzing financial transactions, to additionally encompassing high-grade techniques for managing the financial health of organizations.  The AIU Accounting concentration, within the BS Business program, prepares graduates for standard accounting and more advanced financial decision-making roles in companies. 

Students on the program learn basic principles of accounting, as well as how to use accounting information for internal reporting and decision-making.  They are taught the concepts that underpin profit planning, budgetary control and costing.  They learn the fundamentals of double-entry book-keeping as well as the accounting process, from journals and ledgers, to the preparation of financial statements to assist the management process.  As a key aspect of the program, students are schooled in the use of cyclical financial statements to effectively communicate critically important information about performance and financial position to stakeholders.  The program provides an overview of the auditing process as well as methods for financial accounting for a range of organizational types.  It also deals with risk management mechanisms in an accounting context.  Students learn how to prepare cash flow statements, interpret balance sheet items and accounting ratios, value assets, implement automated inventory valuation methods and record transactions related to property, plant and equipment. 

The program teaches techniques for accounting for investments that companies make in stock and debt securities, as well as more advanced methods for accounting for a variety of corporate forms, including partnerships, charitable organizations and social enterprises.  Students learn the structure and requirements of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) framework, and other applicable accounting standards set by domestic and international regulatory bodies. 

The AIU BS-Business Accounting program is delivered in an applied manner, by experienced and expert instructors, with numerous contextualizing case studies, supported by the use of modern accounting software and computer-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. 


- Dr. Anthony Ayoola


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