Strategic Management Case Competition - Spring 2023

On May 4, American International University hosted the second Business School Strategic Management Case Competition. The competition spanned a total of 5 hours and was filled with 3 lightning rounds and a final presentation by the students. The lightning rounds challenged the students to quickly create a strategic plan for cases presented to them for mock companies, Marwa Trading, Diamon Star, and Osta Coffee. The second half of the competition was the final presentation that the students presented in front of students, faculty, and the guest judges, Mr. Mohammad Reda from the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research and Mr. Thinyan S A AlWaqaian from the KFH Capital Investment Company. They were able to ask the students questions about their strategic plans and offer informative tips on how they could improve.

The presentation was based on a case study about mock company, Almarai, and was written by Dr. Georges Maalouf. The students had to create a strategic plan to highlight the best strategies and actions Almarai should follow to succeed in the new segment outlined for them. All the teams had amazing presentations and impressed the guests and faculty with their strategies and deep understanding of the material.

The winning team of this semester’s case competition was Group A and was composed of Hanady Maarafi, Ibrahim Mohammad Alhubail, Shahad Mohammad Al Khaldi, and Shaheen Mohammad Al-Dhafeeri. The team demonstrated exceptional teamwork throughout the day, showcasing their strategic management skills and applying their knowledge in a practical and creative way. Their presentation was excellent, showing a deep understanding of the case study and their ability to provide innovative solutions to the challenges posed.

"It was a pleasure interacting with the brilliant students and faculty at AIU. An exciting atmosphere filled with opportunities for creativity."

"كل الشكر والتقدير لأعضاء هيئة التدريس والطلاب المتميزين. أجواء حماسية مليئة بفرص للإبداع ."

-- Mr. Mohammad Reda

It was a privilege to observe AIU students present such an interesting case. Listening to their views and how they undertook their assessment was really interesting.

لقد سعدت بمتابعة طلبة الجامعة الأمريكية الدولية وهم يقدمون مثل هذه الدراسة المثيرة للإهتمام، و كان الاستماع إلى آرائهم وكيفية إجرائهم لتقييمهم لهذه الدراسة أمرًا مبهرًا حقًا.

-- Mr. Thinyan S A AlWaqaian

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