“University Campus Design Fosters Community and Wellness” - SBID on AIU

The Society of British & International Interior Design (SBID) has highlighted the American International University, Kuwait (AIU), for excellence in the category of ‘Public Space Design’. The Society speaks on the innovative design of AIU in their recent addition to their ‘Project of the Week’ article series. 

NBBJ, the campus designers, likened the interiors after the intriguing landscape of Kuwait and sought to create a setting for an educational hub that inspires the student population. The campus was designed around four key design ideologies: Fostering Community, Oasis for Learning, Flexibility and Adaptability, and Wellness. 

The article also describes the practicality of the campus and the associated thought processes behind the design. Flexibility and adaptability were an important variable to help ensure that the campus can facilitate the future evolutions of the University. The design team also incorporated the ideas of commuter culture within the AIU project. This was embodied through a determination to design spaces that foster a strong sense of community, and provide students with inclusive spaces that drive collaboration and cater to their academic and social needs.

We at AIU, along with the NBBJ team, are immensely proud of our campus and are excited to be recognised by the esteemed SBID award committee.


To learn more about our campus and the SBID Awards, click here to read the article on the SIBD website.

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