4 Reasons to Think About a Career in Teaching


Many high school students struggle with choosing a major before going to university.  The allure of earning a high salary attracts most students towards studying business, law, and medicine, as does the joy their parents have in telling their friends, “My daughter is a doctor!”.  However, studies indicate that many young people in high-stress jobs have low levels of job satisfaction.  Many industry professionals are leaving their jobs to take up a new career, teaching! 

When you ask people to remember things from their past almost everyone can remember the same thing, who their teachers were.  This shows that teachers have a strong impact on the development of our youth.  Many children grow up seeing their teachers as role models and when they become adults, they often remember how certain teachers made an impression on them.  

But what exactly are the perks of being a teacher?  Beyond the opportunity to change lives, impart wisdom, and shape futures, here are a few reasons why teaching might be for you. 


That “Aha!” Moment 

Educators have the power to directly impact the culture of their classroom.  Teaching offers a different culture from working in a corporate setting where employees must blend into an existing culture.  Educators can design their classroom culture by creating their own daily agendas, and to-do lists. Teachers spend most of their day with their students and not their coworkers creating a sense of family in the classroom.  While working with children can often be challenging, it is also extremely rewarding, especially when the learning process culminates in that “aha!” moment when the students finally realize the lesson.  These experiences are what make teaching rewarding.  


Being a Life-Long Learner 

Educators are constantly learning.  Curriculums change with the times which causes teachers to adapt and grow with each school year.  Teachers continuously fine-tune their skills and adapt to new methods to accommodate their ever-changing students.  Good teachers incorporate elements from different areas of learning into their curriculum such as Art in Math or Music in English.  Teachers also follow current events which pique their students’ interests and keep the lessons relevant and engaging.  


Seeking Strong Leaders! 

Teachers are the heart and soul of many societies around the world.  With that said, many people expect teachers to be the moral compass of their communities, imparting wisdom to their children and teaching them right from wrong.  This imparted wisdom will positively impact future generations as the children will pass this wisdom along to their children.  Often teachers are not simply involved in their students’ academic lives but take on important roles in the community and become role models to both students and adults alike.  


Make a Change! 

Perhaps the greatest benefit of becoming a teacher is the opportunity for you to shape the future.  As one individual, you could influence hundreds of people in your teaching career.  The students sitting in your class will be the future lawyers, doctors, businessmen, and women that your parents so desperately wanted you to become.  However, these people would never be who they are today without a teacher.   


If you think a career in education might be a good fit for you, check out our programs from the School of Education or reach out to us at for more information. 

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