Prestigious Design Accolade Bestowed to AIU

Created in 2005, The Mixology Awards have been acknowledging architects with impeccable taste and a true passion for design with their sought-after award.  Judges meet annually in London to determine who is the best of the best and the top products, people, and projects within the commercial interior design world are celebrated.  In 2020, AIU was one of the elite recipients of a Mixology Award receiving Public Sector Interior Project of the Year


 The Mixology Award was based upon design originality and environmental impact. Collaborative workspaces which make use of natural lighting also played a significant role in AIU’s receipt of the award. We at AIU couldn’t be prouder of this recognition.


Anyone who steps foot onto the sprawling 40,000 sqm AIU grounds cannot help but notice the sheer beauty of the campus.  From the sleek design of the modern buildings to the intricately arranged green spaces, AIU is a design aficionado’s paradise.  And that is just the exterior!  Upon entering through the main entrance, visitors are greeted by a lux interior which offers a welcome escape from the hot Kuwaiti sun.  A prominent waterfall, gleaming staircases, and opulent red settees which greet the students are inviting and sophisticated. The polished design came about through a partnership with AIU CEO Jacqueline Shaw and the world-renowned design firm, NBBJ. The discerning taste of both parties is evident, and we are proud to say that AIU ranks among the most celebrated campuses in the world.

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