Lessons from Ramadan – The Importance of Learning 

Throughout the Islamic month of Ramadan, Muslims around the world observe fasting and commit themselves to learning. The month of Ramadan usually results in a change in one’s daily routine. This encourages individuals to step out of their comfort zones, reset their routines, and thereby, presenting an opportunity to develop better habits.  


One of those habits is seeking knowledge. During the month of Ramadan, many Muslims attend lectures and seminars to enhance their knowledge of Islam. They pose questions and seek answers to understand the core value of their subjects.  


The same concept can also be applied to learning for school, or work. Immerse yourself in an environment that encourages you to learn. Maybe a library for peace and quiet, or a group study center for brainstorming ideas. Listen to professionals who share insights from their years of experience. Ask questions when you don’t understand a certain topic. Getting into conversations that break down the subject matter into easily digestible bites will allow you to absorb information to a much higher degree than simply reading a book.  


The month of Ramadan encourages individuals to continue seeking knowledge regardless of their age. Young or old, many sit together and discuss ideas and share perspectives to gain a new understanding. The phrase, ‘There is no age for learning”, is said not only to encourage people to start learning but also to encourage us to never stop. 


Success is only promised to those who continue to learn. 

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