LinkedIn Workshop: Launching Student Careers Online

This month, the Career Services department at American International University hosted a LinkedIn workshop geared towards students, which provided them with valuable insights into how to optimize their LinkedIn profiles, network with other professionals, and land their dream jobs! The workshop was led by a team of experienced professionals who have a deep understanding of the platform's best practices and features.

The workshop began with an introduction to LinkedIn and its key features, such as the profile page, news feed, and messaging system. The presenters also shared tips on how to create an effective LinkedIn profile that highlights a person's skills, experience, and accomplishments.

During the workshop, students learned how to build their LinkedIn network by connecting with other professionals in their field, joining groups, and engaging with posts and articles on the platform. The presenters also provided tips on how to leverage LinkedIn's job search features to find job openings and apply for positions.

Overall, the LinkedIn workshop hosted by the AIU. was a fantastic opportunity for students to learn about the power of LinkedIn and how to use it to build their professional brand and enhance their career opportunities. Whether you're a student just starting your career or a seasoned professional, LinkedIn is an essential tool for anyone looking to succeed in today's job market.

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