Insights on Entrepreneurship 

On February 9, 2023, AIU hosted guest speakers Abdulrazzaq Al Attal and Dali Al Enezi on campus to provide valuable insights to students about their experience in working in the private sector in Kuwait and starting a business from scratch.  


Mr. Abdulrazzaq Al Attal spoke to the students about working in the private sector versus the public sector in Kuwait. He shared insights from his personal hiring process to help students understand the thought process of an employer while looking for the most suitable candidate.

He spoke about the important skills that the students need to practice for them to work more efficiently in their future jobs and how to stand out in the company they work in. The talk included a panel discussion and a Q&A  between Mr. Attal and the students, which gave them the opportunity to dive deeper into various aspects of private sector employment that students were insterested in learning more about. The Q&A panel was led by AIU’s very own Dr. Mohammad AlQattan from the AIU Institute for Private Training.


Mr. Dali Al Enezi held a condensed workshop teaching students how they can write their first book. He shared valuable lessons learned throughout his personal experience. He also mentioned his obstacles and battles with failure and the perseverance it took to keep pursuing his passion.

Mr. Dali Al Enezi moved on to open his own publishing firm ‘Dar Qurtas Book Publisher’, which presently is a top publishing house in Kuwait. He now holds courses for people wishing to write their first book and teaches them tips and tricks on how to brainstorm and improve their time management skills.

Students walked away with a copy of his book as a gift to serve as a reminder for what they learned that day.

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