Lessons from Ramadan – How to utilize energy to your advantage

During Ramadan, many people around the world fast from sunrise to sunset. During the day, however, they still go about their normal routines. Whether it be attending school or going to the office, your day can’t simply come to a halt because of Ramadan. So how do we still get work done? 


The solution is simple to state but can be a bit tricky to master -  Schedule your tasks around your energy levels throughout the day.  


To begin with, observe your energy levels and creativity flow throughout the day. Note down when you feel you have low, medium, and high energy levels. Schedule the tasks that require most of your brainpower during your high activity hours, your medium intensity tasks at your medium energy levels, and so on.  


To help boost your activity throughout the day, incorporate practices that help get you in a creative state, this could be in the form of yoga, meditation, or trying a new activity. Your tasks during the day such as attending lectures, zoom calls, social interactions, and so on, will have a varying impact on your energy levels throughout the day. You may feel the more you engage, the more fatigue sets in, so take regular breaks when you feel the need to do so.


When you have your meals, always try to have meals that are filled with the right nutrition to keep your energy levels up throughout the day. Include a balance of fresh fruits, vegetables, protein, and healthy nuts while also making sure to drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated.  


The key to ensuring you get more done in your day is to observe. First, observe how your body responds to your daily routine. Then, note down all the tasks on your to-do list and categorize them by the energy levels required. Match your task to your energy levels and ensure to perform exercises or activities that raise your creativity and alertness level.  


The month of Ramadan can be very challenging for some in this regard. However, with a little bit of effort, you’ll be striking tasks off your to-do list just as before.  

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