How to Pick a University Major


Choosing an academic program can be a daunting process. With so many options across the globe, how do you know what is the best fit for you? We’ve listed a few steps that will allow you to narrow down your options and hopefully help you find the perfect match for your career! 


1. Find your passion  

Many students are engaged in activities through their school, communities, or organizations they belong to. Since your major will impact you throughout your university and post-graduate life, it’s important to find a passion that you have sustained interest in. Think about what sort of activities you enjoyed being a part of the most. What kind of people do you look forward to meeting? What are your interests and abilities? These will help you formulate a list of interests to choose from.   

2. Speak to experienced professionals

Always seek advice from those who have the experience to back it up. Speak to members of your family or friends and learn about their occupations and industries. Gain insight into their day-to-day lives and think about whether it piques your interest? Do you see yourself working in a similar field?

3. Think about future qualification requirements 

An undergraduate degree can open many doors for you in the beginning, but you may find you need to gain a Masters’s degree or even Ph.D. to grow in the field you’re considering. Ensure you research the qualification requirements to sustain continuous growth in your future career.  

4. Know that you can always make changes  

Sometimes, despite doing all the research, building an entire network and formulating an entire plan, you may realize the field you chose was not for you, and that’s OK! Many individuals across the world are currently in careers that are totally unrelated to their university education. It’s important to know that you can always make changes as you learn more about yourself and where your interests lie.  

5. Read, Learn and Explore​​​​​​​ 

Today’s world is immersed in the internet with more knowledge than one can consume so take some time to do some research. Read articles and blogs written by industry experts. Take an online quiz that helps you determine potential career paths for your personality type, and think about the career prospects for the different majors you may be interested in.    

As mentioned before, choosing a major, especially at a young age, may seem daunting at first but the more you learn about your fields of interest, the more you’ll be able to narrow down your options. Find a field that you can envision yourself being interested in for a long time. The future is yours to create- how excited you are to create it is entirely up to you.  

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