Opening Soon – The AIU Athletic Center 

At American International University, the wellness and overall health of our students is of priority to us. To help our students stay active and healthy, we will be opening the Athletic Center on campus soon!  

The Center will be your one-stop shop for all fitness-related activities. Students will have access to a wide array of equipment and spaces. The Center will offer gender-assigned fitness rooms, along with an aerobics room for our female members. The rooms will come with the latest weight, aerobic and cardio machines, and equipment. The central gym court will allow for indoor sports like basketball, futsal, volleyball, and more! For those who prefer the outdoors, our soccer field will be available for use. 

In addition to the sporting activities, the Athletic Center offers a class on Health and Wellness that has been developed to address the needs of the modern student. The class will be run in dedicated classrooms within the Center allowing for easy access to the rest of the Center’s facilities when needed.  

The Athletic Center is envisioned to be a welcoming and inclusive space for the AIU community, students, and staff alike. The Center will be accessible to all and any fitness classes will be general in nature to include all skill and ability levels of our student population. 

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