Faculty Spotlight - Dr. Yasmine Hasnaoui  - Teacher, leader, ambassador. 



Dr. Yasmeen Hasnaoui, PhD, joins AIU from the ancient, culture-rich, north African country of Morocco.  Dr. Hasaoui offers our students an authentic, diplomatic global perspective on both political science and writing as one of our leading professors of Humanities. 

Originally educated in Morocco, Hasnaoui received a prestigious Fulbright scholarship and continued her education in the United States.  Upon graduation, Hasnaoui joined the faculty of two well renowned American schools, Amherst, and Austin College, where she taught courses on North African Culture.  After ten years of teaching, Hasnaoui returned to Morocco and worked in international relations in the Moroccan Travel Bureau.  Having experience working in the government alongside her impressive teaching resume in the US, Hasnaoui brings something very special with her for our students, experience.   Yasmeen explained that she is a cultural ambassador for her country who strives to be a good mentor for her students. 

In return, she hopes that one day, her students will continue in her footsteps and be cultural ambassadors of Kuwait when they travel or further their education outside of their homeland.  Student-centered and often times student-led classes provide our undergraduates an opportunity to shine by speaking, discussing, and collaborating with not only Dr. Hasnaoui but one another.  The recipient of multiple awards, including the European International Women’s Leadership Award, and appearing as a guest speaker on Al-Jazeera News, Dr. Hasnaoui is certain to bring to our students the knowledge they need to become the next generation of world leaders.

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