Faculty Spotlight - Marketing talent, Dr. Faisal Alreshaid

This week we met with Dr. Faisal Alreshaid from the School of Business.  Alreshaid, who is the Assistant Dean of the School of Business and a professor of Management and Finance, grew up in Kuwait and was educated abroad earning his BA and MA in the United States and his Ph.D. from the University of  Reading in the United Kingdom.  Alreshaid worked in the professional world prior to teaching as the international project manager for Abyat and was responsible for the company’s first international expansion into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  [Alreshaid, being so successful in his career prior to turning to education offers our students a key advantage, experience.]  His experience in leading global marketing projects enables him to transfer his skills to both the university and his students. 

Leading various campus programs such as AIU 40O, teaching courses, organizing lectures, and events, and meeting with students keeps Alreshaid busy.  When asked who his hero was, Alreshaid stated that he has two, his father and Elon Musk.  His father due to his tenacity and fearlessness which he taught to his son and Musk due to the fact that he is comfortable in challenging the status quo, something Alreshaid admires.  When asked how he inspires students, he said, “I like to listen to my students, find out what they are interested in, what motivates them.  Then I gear my lessons towards this and am able to meet their needs.”  Our students in the School of Business are in fact lucky to have such an experienced professional leading discussions and projects in the classrooms of AIU. 


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