Linda Pine, Dean of The Foundation Program, prepares our students for their academic journey.  

Ms. Linda Pine, Dean of the Foundation Program at AIU, is no stranger to the field of Education.  After graduating from university with a BA in Economics in her home country of Ecuador, Ms. Pine attended the University of Florida where she graduated with a master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in ESL.  Post-graduation Linda started her career in education here in Kuwait and has taught and held leadership roles in several schools and universities including Kuwait University and American Baccalaureate High School where she served as the reading interventionist, developing the school’s reading program for grades K through 12.  Through her exceptional leadership and passion for mentoring teachers, Linda was offered the position of Director of the Oxford Learning Center, where she grew the program significantly.  When AIU opened its doors in 2019, Linda was asked to lead the Foundation Program, an integral part of our rigorous academic curriculum.

As the Foundation Department's Dean, Ms. Pine oversees the implementation of a US curriculum that gives our students a real American university experience.  Utilizing the syllabus from Wayne State University's English Language Institute, Pine has high expectations for both students and faculty.  Linda helps the students in the  Foundation Program to succeed by providing support for the faculty and structure for the students. “Knowing that the students will struggle at first is expected and it is my responsibility to ensure that the instructors are prepared to guide and nurture them along the way”, said Pine.  "Challenging the students can only be successful if the teaching staff are ready for the challenge."   

Linda’s teaching philosophy is one of strong classroom management.  She believes in having a structured classroom where students are held accountable for both their learning and behavior.  Once the expectations are set, it is up to the teachers to be flexible and adaptable to the local culture and to create an atmosphere that is appropriate for learning.  Laying a solid foundation for AIU’s incoming students is essential, and under the leadership of Ms. Linda Pine, very successful. 


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