Faculty Spotlight - How playing video games led to one Kuwaiti woman leading students in the classroom.

This week we met with AIU faculty member, Aaliyah Behbehani, from the School of Architecture & Design and discovered some interesting details.  Ms. Behbehani, a Kuwaiti local, fell in love with the video game, The Sims, as a child.  However, not for the reason, most kids like playing video games...Behbehani was fascinated with building and designing the houses in the game.  She stated, "This really was the start to my career in design."  Following her love of interior design, Behbehani set off for university.  Unfortunately, the lack of interior design courses in Kuwait forced Behbehani to turn her interests towards graphic design and she graduated from AUK with a degree in this concentration. 

After graduating, Behbehani taught courses first at Box Hill University then at AIU.  When asked why she enjoys working at AIU she responded by saying, "The architecture." and who can blame her.  In addition, she loves working with the team of talented designers in her department saying, "We all have one heart."  I asked Behbehani what she would say to parents thinking Interior Design may not be a safe major for their child.  She stated, "That in today's ever-changing world, where everything is completely visual and at our fingertips, graphic design is essential for any field."  Our students are lucky indeed. 

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