Engaged Students are Successful Students

Students beginning university for the first time enter an environment that is completely new to them. They may already know a few students but most people on campus will be unfamiliar. This is the perfect opportunity to meet new friends, make new connections, and for some, reinvent themselves altogether. 


Of course, studying will take up most of the student's time and energy but it is important that students take the time to relax. Student-centered activities lead by the university are the perfect way for students to have a work/life balance. Joining structured clubs, sporting events, committees, and volunteer groups provide students with safe, engaging opportunities to get involved on campus, relax, and enjoy their free time - however little that may be. Studies have found that students who are engaged on campus are more likely to find jobs right out of college as they have built essential skills such as team building, organizational strategies, and time management. 


In addition to a rigorous academic course load, AIU offers students a multitude of engaging campus events geared towards developing the whole student. This week, The Office of Student Engagement, led by Ms. Ashley Hart, put on a Welcome Back BBQ and Trivia competition. Many students took part in these well-planned and structured events aimed at providing the students an opportunity to network, get involved, and engage. Ms. Ashley said, “The Office of Student Engagement aims to empower students to take an active role in not only participating in but also planning campus activities. Events like this where students give their insights on activities they’d like to participate in on-campus enhance the overall university experience for students.”  

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