Empowering Faculty to Empower Students

Creating a wholesome and nurturing environment has always been the goal of educators and being able to achieve this is the reality of great educators. American International University believes in improving and enriching the lives of its students and by setting clear expectations for the faculty, AIU students are sure to have a rewarding, academically rigorous experience. 


The Spring Semester has begun and along with students arriving on campus, the faculty, both new and returning, are entering the classrooms after winter break. Prior to conducting lessons, the faculty underwent orientation and were prepared for the challenges of a new semester. Setting clear and solid expectations, providing resources, communicating policies and the cultural expectations of the university was the focus of the faculty orientation which was geared towards creating great educators. 


AIU believes that to provide high-quality, innovative, and responsive programs centered on the intellectual, cultural, and personal growth of all learners, the faculty must be held to the highest of standards. Dr. Michael Pishko, Vice President for Academic Affairs, who gave the opening address at the faculty orientation said, "We have high expectations of our students so we must have high expectations for ourselves as faculty and staff." 

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