Dual Enrollment- Builds Confidence and Creates Opportunity

Before graduating from high school, many students have already earned college credit by taking advantage of dual enrollment courses offered by their high schools and local universities.  This unique collaboration between secondary and higher education is becoming increasingly popular, especially among students who want to create options for their future.  With this rising popularity, many students and parents are starting to explore the benefits of dual enrollment programs and are finding out that it is a great option for a wide range of students.   

Let us look at some of the benefits of a dual enrollment program to see if this may be something you or your child may be suited for.  


What is Dual Enrollment? 

A dual enrollment program provides the opportunity for high school students to take college-level courses in tandem with their existing high school courses.  These college credits may be obtained at the university or on their high school campus.  Courses are offered to juniors and seniors who qualify, usually meeting certain eligibility guidelines set forth by the university.  Specific earned credit hours, tuition, and rates vary state to state and school to school.  There is no additional fee for dual enrollment in most cases, which is a big attraction for students and parents concerned about the burden of paying for higher education in today’s economy.  Keeping this in mind, taking advantage of dual enrollment is a good way to earn college credit while not breaking the bank. 


Benefits of Dual Enrollment  

The benefits are numerous and can have long-lasting, positive effects on those involved which go beyond credit transfers and saving money.   

One such benefit is confidence building.  Students who take dual enrollment courses have a higher sense of accomplishment after completing their courses than students in traditional high school classes.  As the expectations are higher, those who complete a college course at a young age build their confidence and will be more prone to being successful once in college.   

Students involved in dual enrollment programs learn the ins and outs of college sooner by mastering valuable skills such as critical thinking, time management, and the interpersonal skills necessary to succeed in higher education. By engaging with students who are already in college, high school students will learn the essential skills that will build confidence and lead to success.  

Another perk of dual enrollment is that high school students are offered more options for their future.  Many high school students can not take the essential courses they need to achieve their dreams at the high school level.  Courses such as Graphic Design, Film Production, Electrical Engineering, Robotics, and Architecture are not usually offered in high schools.  Students interested in courses not typically thought of as “academic” often find that dual enrollment courses are an excellent way to find exposure to the creative outlets they lack in traditional high school settings.  

Dual enrollment is a practical option for college-bound high school students today.  If you or your child is interested in dual enrollment, contact your college counselor or your local universities’ admissions offices to find out what may be available to you!  

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