Dr. Mosab Alrashed: AIU's Engineering Innovator 


At AIU, we are proud to have outstanding faculty members who drive innovation and inspire future engineers. One such member is Dr. Mosab Alrashed, a Mechatronics Engineer with expertise in combining Artificial Intelligence (AI), Business Intelligence (BI), and Environmental Intelligence (EI). 


Dr. Alrashed’s work stands out for his skills in advanced numerical modeling of Cyber-Physical Systems. His contributions to NASA projects have not only improved his skills but also deepened his passion for exploring human potential through technology. His work blends theory and practice, pushing the limits of engineering. 

He has also developed methods for assessing environmental risks in technology, known as Techno-Economic Environmental Risk Assessment. These methods help understand and reduce environmental impacts. He has worked with major global companies like BAE Systems, Rolls-Royce, Airbus, Apple, and IBM, showing his commitment to solving complex real-world problems. 

As an Assistant Professor at AIU, Dr. Alrashed teaches various engineering subjects, inspiring students to strive for excellence and innovation. He emphasizes both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, preparing students well for their engineering careers. His dedication to teaching plays a key role in developing our new educational and research institution. 


He also serves as a reviewer and editor for respected scientific journals, keeping him up-to-date with the latest trends and breakthroughs. His editorial work helps advance scientific knowledge and ensures the publication of high-quality research. 

Recently, Dr. Alrashed played a pivotal role in paving the way for our student, Humood Hammad Al Enezi, to win an award at the International AI Youth Forum. Under his guidance, Humood’s project, which integrates AI to revolutionize diagnostics, stood out among entries from 32 countries and earned a spot as one of the top 5 AI projects in the Arab world. This achievement highlights AIU's commitment to nurturing talents capable of competing on global platforms (read more about it here).

Dr. Mosab Alrashed’s contributions to AIU and the engineering community highlight the impact of dedicated professionals in shaping the future of technology and education. His passion for innovation, commitment to teaching, and extensive research collaborations make him a valuable asset to our institution and an inspiration to aspiring engineers. 



Stay tuned for more updates on the amazing work being done by our faculty members at AIU, as we continue to push the boundaries of engineering education and research. AIU is dedicated to creating future leaders and providing an authentic American educational experience in Kuwait, in line with Kuwait’s Vision 2035. 

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