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When it comes to choosing a major with a reliable track record, business tops the list. With a solid foundation in business, the options for a successful career path are without limit. Companies and organizations, regardless of sector, will always be in need of business principles to prosper, as well as the professionals who are trained in business aspects and leadership.

Although a practical option, studying business can lead to various specializations. Several opportunities stem from business studies, including the prospect of an individual opening and running his/her own business.

The Business Department at AIU offers four majors: Accounting, Finance, Global Supply Chain Management and Management.


Accountants are the heartbeat of business, because enterprises would not be able to function without them. Essentially responsible for keeping track of every aspect of an organization's money, professionals in Accounting are highly sought after in today's global market, with an increase in demand for these professionals of 10% per year.


Global Supply Chain Management 

In today's highly competitive environment, the management of purchasing, operations, quality, transportation, inventory, scheduling, and information flows are ever more critical to an organization's ability to satisfy customers and create a competitive advantage. Supply chain professionals are a critical link in the value chain for goods. They are experts at purchasing components and finished goods, deciding on manufacturing and warehouse locations, and determining inventory and transportation strategies for worldwide product flows. Students majoring in global supply chain management at the School of Business develop the highly valued skills that suppliers, manufacturers, and retail buyers of goods worldwide demand. Our global supply chain management major focuses on global business and prepares students for success


 If stocks, bonds, and financial markets seem intriguing to you, then our degree program in Finance has your name on it. By completing a Bachelor of Science in Finance, you will fine tune your analytical skills to read and comprehend complex financial statements and the financial standing of all companies and organizations. With limitless career specializations available, skills of Finance majors are in constant demand.



In today's corporate-run world, a background in Management can lead into an extensive offering of career possibilities and specializations. Whether a Marketing Manager, Management Analyst, Financial Manager, or General and Operations Manager, your skills to analyze and develop strategies to maximize profits, will be valuable assets.

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