Business Administration - Management: A World of Opportunities 

A common theme with approaches adopted for upscaling the quality of organizations in Kuwait and the wider Gulf region has been an acceptance of the need to modernize management practice and techniques in the area.  The AIU Management concentration, within the BS Business program, helps deliver on this avowed goal by preparing graduates for high-caliber management roles in companies, locally and internationally.


Students on the AIU Management program learn standard principles of people (human resource), corporate culture and group management in organizations.  They are taught the concepts that drive employee behavior, including personality factors and values. The courses also cover the influence of individual worker philosophies, emotions, and attitudinal differences in occupational settings. This is designed to help provide a strong basis for understanding what allows managers to create successful organizations, with satisfied employees.  


To enhance management skills, students learn the fundamentals of organizational decision-making, individual perception, worker motivation and the notion of lifelong learning.  The program looks at group types, group behavior, team design and group dynamics, as well as collaboration mechanisms and how these are increasingly facilitated by technology.  To keep pace with current managerial developments the courses review the relevance of globally dispersed and virtual work teams.


As an important feature of the AIU program, management students are schooled on issues pertaining to leadership, workplace power, corporate-politics, conflicts and negotiations within large and/or complex I.T.-laden organizations.  The courses look at organizational structures and the systemic models that underpin them.  They also teach the ways organizational culture influences organizational structure and worker performance, when managing large or complex organizations.


The management program provides detailed instruction on strategic, operations, logistics and change management frameworks and processes, as well as methods for assessing worker performance and addressing occupational stress issues, with a focus on technology and IT companies.  Students learn modern techniques for managing occupational dynamics, quality, projects, flexible boundaryless organizations, virtual workplace issues and data-driven (analytics-based) people management practice, again designed to keep pace with the latest international management trends.


The AIU BS-Business Management program is delivered in an applied manner, by experienced and expert instructors, with numerous contextualizing case studies and managerial role-play sessions, supported by the use of topical simulations and real-world management tools.

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