Bringing Our Students Into the Real World.

Practical work experience is a valuable and essential aspect of any higher education curriculum. Students get a unique opportunity to apply what they have learned academically within the real-world. The benefits of placements and internships are many but generally allow students to get precise feedback on their job knowledge, work ethic, professional attitude, and scope of work.  

The Career Center at AIU allows students to gain access to internships with partner companies as part of their undergraduate program. Students are exposed to opportunities for career progression, networking, and skill growth, preparing them for life after graduation.  

This week the Career Center held a seminar on preparation for internships and hosted guest speaker Reham Alsharif, Business Management Consultant for Scenarios Design. Ms. Alsharif gave valuable insights to students on entrepreneurship, business development, and professionalism. Through a Q&A session, business and design students were able to engage directly with Ms. Alsharif and gain a better understanding of the skills required to be successful in their careers.  

We thank Ms. Alsharif for her time and wish our students the best of luck as they pursue their individual internships! 

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