AIU Students Find Success



Being a university student can be daunting at times and having someone or somewhere to aid in stressful situations can be key to a student's overall success. AIU understands this and together with the Student Success Center offers a plethora of student-centered extra-curricular courses, events, and workshops. Providing extra support for our students during exam week is just one of many ways the Student Success Center, under the direction of Ms. Jacklyn Wilson, provides the encouragement, mentorship, and guidance many students need to be as successful as possible during their academic careers.


In a recent interview, Ms. Wilson stated that due to students making use of AIU's Writing Center, Tutoring Center, and visiting their Academic Advisors, they were quite successful in their final exams. In fact, over 200 students attended the 'Keep Calm and Plan Ahead' workshop sponsored b the Student Success Center. This multi-platform event focused on overcoming test anxiety, proper test preparations techniques, healthy sleeping and eating habits, and time management. Wilson stated that creating a work/life balance was key for test preparation and our students learned this essential skill during the workshop. Being engaged and sharing with one another lead to a successful event by the SSC and our students are now ready to tackle whatever comes their way. Having a dedicated team of professionals ensuring our students have all the tools and resources needed to be successful students is one way AIU sets apart from other universities in the area. Students at AIU know with a little hard work, they will come out on top. 


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