Celebrating Innovation and Talent: Highlights from the 1st Annual AIU School of Arts and Sciences Symposium 

The inaugural AIU School of Arts and Sciences Symposium was a resounding success, setting a high benchmark for future events. As we reflect on the groundbreaking discussions, creative exhibitions, and outstanding achievements, let’s celebrate the milestones of this momentous occasion. 

A Platform for Innovation 

The AIU School of Arts and Sciences Symposium provided a unique platform for students and faculty to explore and showcase their research, creativity, and innovation. The event highlighted the intersection of scientific inquiry and artistic expression, creating a vibrant community of learners and thinkers. 

Keynote Address by Dr. Fatima Alrashed 

The highlight of the symposium was the keynote address by the esteemed Dr. Fatima Alrashed, Senior Scientist II & Principal Investigator at the Dasman Diabetes Institute (DDI). Dr. Alrashed captivated the audience with her insights into student experiments at DDI and the exciting opportunities for summer internships. Her speech not only enlightened the attendees about cutting-edge research but also inspired students to pursue their scientific passions. 

Poster Topics and Competition 

A cornerstone of the symposium was the Poster Topics and Competition, where students presented their scientific experiments through visually engaging posters. This competition showcased the depth and diversity of student research, covering a wide range of scientific disciplines. After careful deliberation, three posters stood out for their exceptional quality and innovative approaches: 

First Place: Aldanah Albahairi – Husain Kamal 

Second Place: Iqra Nawaz 

Third Place: Jumana Al Shatti  

Photography Competition 

In addition to the scientific presentations, the symposium celebrated artistic creativity through the Photography Competition. Students captured the essence of science and art in their photographs, displaying remarkable talent and vision. The winners of the photography competition impressed the judges with their unique perspectives and technical prowess: 

First Place: Lulwa Al Shatti  

Second Place: Abdulrahman Al Salah 

Third Place: Fatemah Alhader 

Gratitude to Our Speaker and Participants 

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Dr. Fatima Alrashed for her invaluable contribution to the symposium. Her expertise and enthusiasm have left a lasting impact on all attendees. Additionally, we applaud all participants for their dedication and hard work, which made this event a true celebration of knowledge and creativity. 

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