Student Testimonials: Academic Advising Sessions

Providing expert guidance to our students is at the core of the overall academic environment at AIU. Through academic advising, we are able to lead our students in the right direction, ensuring their success in their chosen program! Recently, our Faculty at AIU held a two-day academic advisory session. The goal of the session was to help current students at the university gain a better understanding of their classes. 

The advising session covered all schools of study - engineering, business, and design - and provided insight into the curriculum and course content. The days saw our friendly faculty engage on a one-on-one basis with their students and answer questions that they may have. 

Below are some of our students' testimonials on the advising session. The students left with a greater understanding of their program, expectations, and learning outcomes. 

"On that day, we prepared a course schedule for all the classes I need to take in the next semester. The lecturers also explained to us what courses remain in our degree path and how long it will take to complete them. I enjoyed knowing which subjects I will take in the coming years. The advising session was very useful and reassuring. I’d also like to thank all the teachers who advised us, and I hope to do this again."

Ms. Danah Al Sahli, BSc. Business Administration – Management


"Our academic advising session went smoothly. We had to plan and structure our courses per semester with Dr. Peter for the next few years at AIU in order to graduate on time with the required credits. As a transfer student, I had to consider the credits I already have so as to get an accurate projection. Overall, the advising session was very helpful as it makes students like me be aware of the need to have a clear plan for the period they will be studying at AIU."


Mr. Hamad Al Badah, BSc. Business Administration – Management



"I want to extend a warm thank you to the AIU management for organizing the academic advising session. Not only was the session very informative, but the guidelines and feedback regarding our courses were very helpful. I enjoyed meeting the doctors, instructors, and many of my fellow students for the first time. It was good to have some reassurance during these uncertain times.

I also want to thank the interior design department faculty that was involved in making this academic advising session so productive. It was well done and made it much easier for us to have a clear picture of our path forward for the upcoming semester. I will look forward to attending more sessions like this."


Ms. Mariam Al Baker, Bachelor of Fine Arts – Interior Design

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