Ithkur Allah - A Day of Remembrance 

On January 31, Students and members of the AIU art community gathered at the 'Ithkur Allah - Remember God' art showcase. Ithkur Allah was an opportunity for artists to pay homage to God through artwork that encompasses and evokes spirituality. 

The artwork submission by students was displayed across campus and the best artwork was selected by guest jurors Abdualazizi Alawadhi of NOUA, and celebrated artist, Abdulwahab Al Qattan. Out of the top 3 finalists,  student, Meshary Al Koot was awarded for his magnificent artwork. 

This event also presented an opportunity for students and members of the AIU community to learn and experience first-hand Arabic calligraphy writing in different styles like Kufi, Ruqa, Diwani, and many others for the first time. 

AIU continues to provide its students with an educational experience that broadens their minds and enables them to think holistically. 



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