Ithkur Allah - A Collaboration

Evoking a sense of spirituality, Ithkur Allah brings the AIU community and local artisits together for a celebration of art. AIU has partnered with Noua, an arts and culture center to bring the event to life and encourage spiritual represnetation through art. The event encompases various workshops hosted a select group of artists, along with an art showcase that highlights work created by AIU students. 

The on-campus workshops will revolve around themes and styles of calligraphy and demonstrate techinques using a variety of art supplies. Students will also have the opportunity to engage and network with leading regional artists to explore ideas of art beyond the classroom. 

The art showcase is an opportunity to acknowledge the artworks created by our stundents at the AIU School of Architecture and Design. The artworks symbolise and visualise Itkur Allah in a variety of ways and symbolise religious spirituality. 

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