AIU Film Festival Award Ceremony

At AIU, we pride ourselves in creating hubs for creatives and providing a platform to recognize their amazing work. The film indsutry in Kuwait and the region is a diverse and engaging field with a multitude of talented artisits from directors, producers, actors and more, shaping the regional film scene. 

The film festival was a celebration of films and stories told by local and regional directors and their teams. Lasting for a whole week, the festival included lectures by industry leaders, screenings of submissions, exhibtions of artwork by the AIU and local community, and finally, the awards ceremony with a post-event celbration hosted on the AIU campus.

A thank you to our teams, partners and collaborators who helped make this event a success and a special acknowledgement to the expert support proivided by Dima AlAnsari, our head juror, and Staged in Kuwait (SIK).

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