School of Business Launches New Majors: Marketing & Entrepreneurship

Business skills are more important than ever in today’s world of growing businesses and startup companies. American International University (AIU) has recognized a need to ensure that they provide education that offers students the ability to understand the thought processes of creating a new company along with the tools needed to be successful. Through the School of Business, American International University has launched two new majors: Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

The Marketing program at AIU is curated for students looking to grow their own businesses and establish a brand presence in the market. As the marketing industry grows in today’s economy, it is often intertwined with sales and communications, each playing a significant role in achieving an organization’s objectives. From design to consumer behavior, the field is varied and offers the chance to be creative and strategic. Marketing students are exposed to concepts of public relations, research, modes of advertising, and brand management, among other topics. Market research is an indispensable tool and conducting it within the industry of practice provides businesses with an edge when launching new campaigns.

We are living in a cultural shift where the public seeks to support small and local businesses. Starting a business from the ground-up is a considerable undertaking and calls for significant planning and a clear set of goals. With a growing number of youths in Kuwait interested in setting up their own businesses offering products or services that they are passionate about, knowledge on operating and leading an organization is paramount. Students at AIU’s Entrepreneurship program will come across topics related to management, brand awareness, fundraising, innovation, and other courses that help businesses thrive in the modern world.

Through the new majors and the remainder of the programs offered at the School of Business, AIU seeks to provide high quality American education in various fields within business, setting up their students success in their future endeavors.

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