Digital Media Workshops

Looking to explore content creation?

In these workshops hosted by the School of Film and Digital Media you are guaranteed to learn how to create content using the camera on your smartphone, the essentials of product and still like photography, how to use a state-of-the-art three-camera set up, and simple skills and techniques that will enable you to capture the atmosphere of any place to create beautiful photographs and videos.  

Video Art with Mobile Phones

What will I learn?

Shoot captivating videos on your smartphone and learn how to edit them using free industry-standard software. Grab this unique opportunity to learn about video art and the creation process in this hands-on original workshop. 

Requirement: Students must bring their own camera-enabled smartphones. 

Application Fee - 40 KWD

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Product and Still Life

What will I learn?

Join us in a workshop run by a professional photographer and cinematographer who will teach you about the essentials of product and still life photography. These tips and tricks will teach you industry techniques that master the use of light to bring your photographs to life. 

Requirement: Students need to bring their own digital cameras

Application Fee - 20 KWD

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Multi-camera Cinematography

What will I learn?

Learning how to use a proper camera set up and angles will allow you to create your very own inspiring films. Filmmaking experts will teach you those necessary technical skills on how to use a state-of-the-art three-camera setup, the very same ones used to film series and movies.  

Students will use industry-standard camera equipment.

Application Fee - 60 KWD

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Kuwait Photo and Video Safari

What will I learn?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as we all perceive the same scene differently. Led by experts in their field, you will be guided through the creative process to generate compelling visual pieces to share your view of the city that will be sure to capture the beauty of Kuwait for everyone to see. 

Requirements: Students need to bring their own digital cameras or camera-enabled smartphones. 

Application Fee - 60 KWD

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