Bachelor of Arts degree

BA in English

Variety and flexibility are the keystones of our undergraduate program, which is designed to accommodate the multiple interests and pre-professional needs of our diverse student population. All members of our gifted and productive faculty teach undergraduate courses. We are proud of the tradition of teaching excellence that earns us both high student ratings and many College and University teaching awards.

Our curriculum offers courses in areas that range from traditional literary studies to contemporary issues in critical theory. It also features a strong writing component with classes at all levels in both Composition and Creative Writing.

What can I do with my major?

English Studies are excellent preparation for any pursuit that requires breadth of mind, creative thinking and well-developed communication skills.

Professional schools, such as medical, business, and law, often encourage undergraduates to major in English as they complete their pre-professional courses. The B.A. in English can provide a foundation for many advanced-degree programs.

Job market: The skills and abilities one learns as an English major can be more generally applied to any career requiring expertise in the use of language as a means of communication.

Degree Requirements

Students in the English department program will take the following course work.

For the degree a minimum of 120 credit hours total taken through three types of courses: College general education requirements, Liberal Arts group requirements, and department major requirements and elective courses are required.

Major Requirements
12 English credits beyond the College general education requirements and Liberal Arts group requirements. Ten of these credits must be beyond the 2000 level.
Two courses from the Theories and Methods category
One course from each of the Literature/Rhetoric survey categories: Early, Late
One upper division course from Communities & Culture category
Senior Seminar
Six additional courses in English
In the first two years of course work most students take courses to complete the College general education requirement plus some English elective courses.

A sample course sequence for the First Year is:
First Semester
Course Number Title Credit Hours
ENC 1101 Composition I 3
CGS 1060c Computer and Internet Literacy 3
One course in Humanities catagory 3
One course in Social Science/Behavioral Science catagory 3
LIT 2000 Introduction to Literature 3

Second Semester
Course Number Title Credit Hours
ENC 1102 Composition II 3
SPC 1024 or 1608 Speech/Public Speaking 3
HPL 1081 Wellness 2
One course in Math or Science category 3 or 4
One course in English elective category 3

General Education Group and Competency Requirements
The college has established General Education Requirements, requiring a total of 36 credits of General Education coursework to be satisfied by all students. These requirements are listed below. For English majors, the Area 1 requirement is satisfied by the Foundation courses.

Take ENC 1101 and ENC 1102 and either SPC 1024 or SPC 1608 9 credit hours

Take two courses, for a total of 6 credit hours 6 credit hours

One Social Science course and one Behavioral Science course

AREA 4 SCIENCE 9 credit hours
Take one Physical Science for 3 credit hours; one Biological Science for 3 credit hours; one Laboratory (either with the Physical Science or Biological Science course) for 1 credit hour; and one Wellness course, for 2 credit hours.

AREA 5 MATHEMATICS 6 credit hours
Take two courses, for a total of 6 credit hours

W = Writing credit course. Students must take ENC 1101; ENC 1102; and two additional writing credit courses, 6 credits, to graduate.
I = International/Intercultural Course. Students must take 3 credits of international/intercultural coursework to graduate.

Any student who successful completes a mathematics or natural science course for which one of the General Education Core Course options is an immediate prerequisite shall be considered to have completed the mathematics or science core requirement.
No more than 46 credits in the major field may count toward degree requirements
(I) = this course counts toward the international/intercultural requirement in the AA and baccalaureate degrees.
(W) = this course counts toward the writing requirement in the AA and baccalaureate degrees.

*All course requirements and offerings are subject to change

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