AIU Welcomes New Partner School, RSBS, to the Dual Enrollment Program.

In April, 2023, American International University Kuwait hosted two members of the Rawd Al Salaheen Bilingual School (RSBS), Deputy General Manager, Hamad Al Olayan, and High school Counselor, Hesham Tomoum, to solidify a partnership which will see RSBS join the ‘Dual Enrollment’ program at AIU, making it one of the first schools to do so after American Baccalaureate School, Kuwait.


The ‘Dual Enrollment’ program offered by AIU is the first of its kind in Kuwait. The initiative allows students attending their high school classes in Junior or Senior year to enroll at AIU and attend university classes while also gaining credits that would be a part of the students’ university and high school record. The dual-enrollment education program offers a unique advantage to students by enabling them to get a head start in their higher education journey and experience a professional educational environment here in Kuwait, while also gaining hands-on experience through the engaging teaching within AIU courses. This jump start allows students to quickly adapt to an American higher education system and will boost their confidence upon graduating high school as they emerge more confident in pursuing their higher education goals in Kuwait, America and beyond.


AIU constantly seeks to promote student learning and engagement through a variety of new and innovative ways, all in line with the vision to create capable leaders for the future of Kuwai

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