Bachelor of Arts degree

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design

The Fashion Design program at AIU embraces practices and ideas aligned to contemporary fashion and broader design practices. As well as gaining insights and skills linked to fashion design, students will encounter aesthetic issues, as well as social, environmental, political, and conceptual problems that can be expressed through fashion and textile design. 

The Fashion Design program prepares students for careers in fashion design for the apparel industry. The curriculum stimulates creative expression in all aspects of fashion design, including fashion sketching, creative design, computer applications, draping, and pattern drafting. Students will gain interdisciplinary training that combines skills in fine arts and design with technical training in all aspects of fashion design, including aesthetic, behavioral, historical, cultural, and marketing. Skills and topics include Fibers, fabrics, textile testing, and garment construction (including tailoring, flat patterning, draping, machine sewing, and advanced construction techniques), ideation and conceptual development, fashion Illustration, and portfolio development. Students learn professional practices and preparation for careers in the fashion industry while engaging in critical dialogue about the role of fashion in contemporary culture.

What can I do with my major?

Career Opportunities

  • Fashion designer 
  • Apparel designer 
  • Accessory designer 
  • Costume designer 
  • Textile designer 
  • Fashion stylist 
  • Textile performance analyst  
  • Fabric buyer 
  • Fashion Design Consultant 
  • Teacher or Education Specialist 

Degree Requirements


School of Architecture and Design Requirements 

Students in the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design program must complete a minimum of 124 credits including satisfaction of all degree requirements of AIU. All coursework must be completed in accordance with the academic rules of AIU and those of the department.

General Education Requirements :  36 credits
School Core Requirements:    24 credits
Major Requirements:     64 credits

Total Credits Required for Degree:  124 credits

General Education Requirements

AIU’s General Education curriculum is required for all undergraduate students and consists of 36 hours of coursework from nine core areas. Students in the School of Architecture and Design must complete these specific courses to satisfy General Education requirements: 

Course Hours 

  • AIU 100 The AIU Experience (EX) 1 
  • AIU 111 or 112 Wellness (WL) 1 
  • AIU 300 Internship & Career Preparation (EX) 1 
  • ARH 101 Art History: Ancient to Medieval (AH) 3 
  • ARH 102 Art History: Renaissance to Modern (AH) 3 
  • CSC 101 Computer Essentials (CS) 3 
  • ENG 101 College Writing (EC) 3 
  • ENG 301 Technical Writing (EC) 3 
  • ENG 302 Technical Presentations (OC) 3 
  • MKT 201 Marketing Management (SS) 3 

Total Hours: 24 

Students must also choose courses to complete the remaining general Education requirements: 

  • Mathematics: 3 hours designated MA 
  • Natural Sciences: 6 hours designated NS 
  • Social Sciences: 3 hours designated SS 

Required Fashion Design Courses

Major Requirements

  • FSH 100 Introduction to Fashion Design 3 
  • FSH 110   Clothing and Culture 3 
  • FSH 221 Fashion Illustration 3 
  • FSH 202 Fashion Design Studio I 3 
  • FSH 210 Fashion Design: CAD I 3 
  • FSH 203 Fashion Design Studio II 3 
  • FSH 205 Introduction to Merchandising 3 
  • FSH 301 Apparel Design I: Flat Pattern 3 
  • FSH 310 Fashion Design: CAD II 3 
  • FSH 331 Fashion Supplements 3 
  • FSH 302 Apparel Design II: Draping 3 
  • FSH 401 Fashion Design Studio III 3 
  • FSH 402 Product Branding 3 
  • FSH 403 Forecasting Fashion and Apparel Trends 3 
  • FSH 404 Fashion Industrial Production 3 
  • FSH 490 Internship 3 
  • FSH 495 Senior Project I 3 
  • FSH 496 Senior Project II 4 
  • Fashion Design Electives 6 
  • Art or Design Studio Elective 3 

Total Hours: 64

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